Sunday, September 2, 2007

Siemens CX75 review collection

I know that you will be probably interested in some reviews for Siemens CX75, so here they are.

Siemens CX75 is the first phone of the new series to hit the market. Unlike its successful forerunner it can boast of a megapixel camera, Bluetooth, memory cards support and finer display. Moreover, it features a slightly extravagant design. Read More

Traditionally Siemens releases functional twins and now that is a new 75th series. They are Siemens CX75 and Siemens M75. The second device distinguishes by a protected body and its delivery package. Also the manufacturer tried to stress the difference with distinct preinstalled applications, we'll separately describe the ones present only in the CX75. The M75 should be considered an elder model, however, it doesn't compete with the younger one due to its targeting at a separate niche, and thus the audiences do not intersect. Further we'll speak about both models and stress specially the points they are different at. Read More

Pure delight: multimedia is a really cool experience with the CX75 from Siemens Communications. This classy 1.3 megapixel digital camera for photos and video comes in a sleek metallic case. Exciting 3D games combined with Bluetooth- transform the phone into a multiplayer gaming experience. By connecting to a PC or directly to a printer, photos can be printed out on paper - Bluetooth- makes cables superfluous. Read More

This technical Siemens CX75 review is based on an algorithm that takes a close look at a phone's specifications, it is in no way a hands-on review. It evaluates its good and not-as-good features so you can make a well-informed decision. Read More

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